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We’re in this fight because Black political power is the key to transforming quality of life for marginalized communities in Arizona for the next decade and generations to come.

 We work with candidates for public office, and hold elected officials responsible:

Our ultimate goal is to elect Black people to leadership in Phoenix, Maricopa County, and Arizona who match our values of inclusion, accountability, and transformation, and are 100% committed to using power to realize our goals for community change.

Our Work:


Making sure politicians keep their campaign promises.


Kicking them out of power as soon as they fail us.


Recruiting and training Black people to run for office or work on the campaigns of candidates who are committed to our vision.


Creating a political home for Black people to talk about and take action on our experiences as a marooned diaspora people surviving in a white supremacist state.


Providing policy plans based on science, research, and lived experiences that will actually use government resources and power to improve lives, instead of harming Black communities.


Change the face and structure of government. The future is ours to build.


Nothing that has come before works for us.


We deserve the best and we will bring it to life.

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What do we want from the government?


1. Stop killing us with cops, lack of health care, dangerous working conditions, shitty water, and climate change.

2. Stop stealing Black bodies through mass incarceration, deportation of immigrants/refugees and sanctioned kidnapping of children through child protective services.

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3. Stop stealing Black labor through the exploitation of Black workers, creatives, and thought leaders.

4. Reparations and investment in Black people in the form education, healthcare, and economic opportunity.

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Who We Are

Black Political Cultivation Arizona (BPCAZ)  is an all-Black, queer,  femme and nonbinary-led grassroots political organization. We are flexing our creativity and passion in elections, organizing, and public policy work to dismantle the systems that categorize our vibrant identities as targets and keep our people poor and caged.

But let’s keep it real - elections rarely change shit. At best, elections can make moments opportunity for change possible. That change doesn’t happen by accident. It happens by organizing our community and fighting - everyday - for the things we deserve - like better schools, quality affordable healthcare, defunding cops, and investing in our neighborhoods.

Black Arizonans are used to being erased at best and targeted at worst by every level of government. The vibrant history of Black communities in Arizona has been all but destroyed, and our political power has purposefully diluted. BPCAZ is here to change that, forever.


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